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Your Compliance and Efficiency is our Primary Goal


Is your Customs Compliance Program sufficient for today and tomorrow's global environments?

If you are a Canadian Importer, are you ready for CARM?

Do you suspect some of your CUSMA/USMCA/T-MEC certificates may not be valid?

Are you meeting your Border Security Program (US CTPAT / CDN Trusted Trader) requirements?

Is your transportation network as cost-effective as it can be?

If you answer no (or I don't know) to any of these, call us

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A Few Words About Reinert Consulting

Reinert Consulting was established in 2008 in Canton, Michigan offering several small companies assistance with logistics analytics and cost-efficiency gains. For 3 years, we operated successfully, but in 2011 upon my return to Canada, the operations were put on hold. In July of 2020, the business was resurrected and is now a fully functioning consulting firm offering services to customers in Canada; United States; and abroad.

Reinert Consulting draws on 25 years of Logistics and Trade Compliance experience in various industries and environments including the electronics industry; consumer products; gas & oil support; aerospace; and automotive.

Recently, with the adaptation of the new CUSMA / USMCA / TMEC agreement replacing NAFTA, much of our focus is on assisting companies implement the new rules and regulations of this often-confusing trade agreement.

Paul Reinert - Owner

Paul has over 25 years of Logistics and Trade Compliance experience in various industries and environments including the electronics industry; consumer products; gas & oil support; aerospace; and automotive.

Additional years spent in Materials & Inventory Management; Purchasing; Supply-chain Management; and manufacturing operations.

Paul brings operational concepts such as Cost-Efficiency & Continuous Improvement to both Trade Compliance and Logistics.

Our Services


Customs Compliance Services

Reinert Consulting can assist importers and exporters in adapting existing processes and procedures to the new trade environment. This includes new trade agreements such as CUSMA / USMCA / T-MEC but also CPTPP (Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership); CETA (Canada-European Union Trade Agreement) and other major trade agreements throughout the globe. These new changes which companies must adapt to also include US Export Regulations; and many other globally impacting trade practices and regulations that are changing rapidly in today’s political environment.

We can provide tools to help clients review their products for eligibility under various trade agreements; solicit and manage origin certification from suppliers; and manage the entire trade agreement process.

Origin Determination for Free Trade Agreements such as USMCA

Is your firm maximizing your FTA opportunities and compliance?

Solicitation of Suppliers for Free Trade Related Documents

Are you managing and receiving all pertinent documents from your Supply-base?

CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM)

Are you an importer into Canada (resident or non-resident)?  Are you ready for CARM coming later in 2023?

Tariff Classification

Is your team capable of properly identifying the accurate HTS codes in multiple countries?  Adequate skills / resources

Post Entry and CUSMA/USMCA/T-MEC Refunds

Are you reviewing all entries for accuracy and compliance?  Are you paying duty/fees when you shouldn't be?

Logistics Analytics

Reinert Consulting can work with your Logistics Staff or service providers to gather historical data and provide analysis of lanes and movements. Where applicable, we will identify opportunities for efficiency gains in your movement of goods; identify changes the structure or organization of your Logistics plans; and assist clients in building a future Logistics Strategy which maximizes cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Some examples of these opportunities from past clients include establishing consolidation centers in certain geographical locations; assisting clients in re-negotiating Logistics contracts based on volumes; assisting clients in managing RFQ/RFPs and finding new service providers; and identifying opportunities to modify ordering procedures to ensure cost-effective balance between inventory and freight costs.

Supply Chain Management

We have worked with several small/medium-sized companies building internal processes for business forecasting; inventory management; supply chain efficiency reviews; etc.  If you want to begin discussions regarding outside-of-your-box thinking in terms of how you manage your MRP system parameters; inventory levels; or forecasting, please contact us.

Border Security Programs

Reinert Consulting has many years of experience in, not only, implementing and joining these programs, but also can review clients existing programs and assist those clients in identifying improvements to meet the changing program requirements. Our experience is primarily focused on US CBP CTPAT & CA CBSA PIP/Trusted Trader programs, however, many government programs are very similar, and we can assist clients in reviewing any of the globally available programs which exist to assist in identifying improvements.

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